Tri Turf Inc. offers a Total Site Construction for your athletic fields or golf courses large or small. We will layout your sports field drainage system that will guarantee to keep your fields free of water after a major rain storm. We serve the tri-state area and the eastern seaboard.


We can make your “Field of Dreams” come true with Tri-Turf-Inc. Athletic Field Maintenance & Reconstruction program. We specialize in Athletic field maintenance and reconstruction for schools and privately-owned athletic field. We can evaluate your athletic fields for an annual maintains programs.

Site Drainage

CAMBRIDGE® provides a rapid drainage route which is so intensive that surplus water bypasses the soil. This makes it possible to define and guarantee exactly what this drainage system can achieve and leaves the soil to provide the nutritious root zone which is essential for good quality turf.

Air Injection

Our CAMBRIDGE® Handheld Liquid/Air Injection System can repair golf course greens, fairways, and sandtraps that have standing water and drainage problems. It promotes drainage where clay is present in the soil.

CAMBRIDGE® Drainage Systems

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We will help you FIX your Sports Fields drainage problems. The CAMBRIDGE® Drainage System will keep your field's play time up after a major rain storm. Without a proper drainage system you will lose play time throughout the year. We have the latest technology to install the CAMBRIDGE® Drainage System with minimal damage to your current sports turf.

The CAMBRIDGE® Drainage Systems has benefited Football & Baseball stadiums..


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